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1 March 2008

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mauro brando on Ramiro
Great portrait!!! Nice work!

Oltepesi on Cowgirl
Lovely framing

Marj on Halo
Lovely shot, I can imagine it would work very nicely in black and white too.

Joseph on Dallas Zoo: The Stare
I'm guessing that he probably is sad. Gorillas and humans are pretty closely related, so it's not too far ...

Ralph Jones on Ramiro

Curly on Ramiro
Intense, and that's quite a feeling from half a face!

Ralph Jones on Cowgirl
Excellent, you are a very good strobist Sir!

Dimitrios on Cowgirl
and a happy one indeed, is the cowboy holding the camera?

aMiR on subway
nice as always, hello, my old friend. :D I am back ;) after two years and half

Alisha on subway
uh. i like subway and this picture! :)

mosleh on subway
very nice .happy new years to you :)

eshmel on subway
very nice .happy new years to you :)

Mandar on subway

omid on subway

omid on my hand

Mandar on my hand
Just 5....Powerful 5

Oyapoke on my hand
Great Portfolio ! I really like it: great diversity, nice work on framing, strong atmospheres. Real pleasure to visit ...

mosleh on pills
wow beautiful color composition :)

Sarah on Angel
I like it :)

Mandar on Angel

Florence on Closed
Like a piece of modern art somehow. Well done.

Mariana M. on Chess Head
beautiful focus, tones, subject too ;)

Marj on Couple
Love the perfect heart shape - excellent

Marj on Should I?
Lovely shot - like the perspective

Marj on Saxy Man II
I love the simplicity of the image.....I think it would look good in black and white too.

Marj on Dad
Beautiful images - great tone, texture, detail and model

mosleh on life & death
ffffffffff nice shot :)

Curly on up
Strong directional image, nice treatment.

Ralf Kesper on up
Nice found. Simple, but well captured.

Hija de la Luna on Face

Amir Goharshahi ( Ma$ter Pics ) on mailbox
Really nice shot :)

Mandar on white
U made my day

Morris Taub (momo) on white
cool graphic and texture...i like this stuff...

M@ndy on pimpmobile

tataray on Orange
En orange ... belle couleur et beau cadrage)

Nathanael on love
We do too...

Curly on Orange
Strong simplicity and strong colour, allied to this nice frame makes an excellent artistic picture rags.

Amir Goharshahi ( Ma$ter Pics ) on Orange
Lovely colors :) It remembers me Annoying Orange :D

omid on Orange

Mhelene on Orange
Great framing and color and I like your frame !

tataray on Dancer
Superbes détails et belle texture pour cette sculpture.)) Bien fait.

Mandar on Dancer
Well identified

sietske on leaves
very nice this collage of the leaf! greetings from Holland

Nazzareno on Dancer
Beautiful detail

rem_la on Dancer
superbe ce danceur !

Ehlehminee on leaves
Excellent compilation!

Soheil on leaves
nice shot well done

Mandar on leaves

Mariana M. on leaves
how neat . you played so nicely with arrangement of this !

Yvon on leaves
wonderful composition, Rags

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